Is it really my fault?

So there was this girl that I met in university class. She was alone in the class so I went up to her and acted friendly. She then tells me that she had no boyfriend multiple times and when other male friends were with her. She would tell me that they were just friends and and she had no boyfriend. She repeatedly told me that I was nice. However, she has told me that she had to go to the U. S after a year. I also started to have a crush on her and wanted to ask her out however, I knew that she had to go to the u. s. so I decided that I should hide my feelings. I acted really weird and was very sick hiding my feelings and then she started to get mad a lot and didn't really hang out with me. Later on I decided to give her a card hinting my feelings for her. Then she said "look buddy, I don't mean to hurt you but you are weird."... I felt so heartbroken. I was so sick because of her... Was it my fault or did she ever love me? I thought love doesn't fade?


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  • Hey man, hiding emotions sucks, good for you that you came clear. I think that she is only mad and wants you to try harder, like cook dinner or whatever. Show your initiative to her. Give me a shout how did it go:)

    • She avoided me and trash talked telling all her friends that I was weird. Then more gossip. Then people in class bullied me saying I was weird...

  • It was never love. She might have liked you at the beginning but then you got weird. Simple enough. You missed your chance and got weird

    • So it was my fault right? Like she did like me?

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    • Probably based on your description

    • Or is it because we were just incompatible

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