I have been in a relationship with a gurl and she is a type of girl who is so naive and innocent and she loved me I love her but she started hating me because if my past and she will talk to some of her male frnds but j shouldn't talk or go out with any other girl tbh it's been three years ever since I stopped talking to a girl.. I have been life only her only her... and now she is like she wants my care and love as her dad or a good best friend because of my past but I'm like no I ain't no OS to upgrade or downgrade myself and I don't know what to do? BREAK UP SECTOR 😔😭😡😊?
  • Should i break up with her immediately? And stop talking?
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  • Should i break up with her immediately? And give her what she wants by talking to her and giving her care shit?
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  • Tell her I want you to love me for me like I love you for you. The past is the past. I'm looking for today not yesterday.

    • Did that a million times and found that she can't understand the fact that I need someone to forget my past not to remind me about my past like every single time we talk...

    • Then don't waste your time. If she can't love you for the you today. Then don't even bother.

    • Yeah I took that decision... thanks...

Most Helpful Guy

  • Put your foot down. Explain what she needs to do for you to be in the relationship and then leave her. Give her some time to think and miss you. Go out and look for someone who doesn't judge you. If you find someone great. If given time and your absence maybe she changes her mind and calls you up to try with a better attitude.


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  • Break up and stop talking


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  • You need to wear the pants in the relationship. She should not be telling you who you can and can't talk to.

    • I get the whole ideology behind being a dominant man but ummmmmmm I thought of like just making her feel more important cuz that's how I felt... But now she hates me because of my fkin past...

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    • Yeah I am ready to leave her but then again when I think about the things which I said her like I will never leave her like whatever happens I'll be with her... it's just I feel guilty... I just wanna know one thing should I just break up and stop talking with her or should I keep talking to her as she is wishing me to be...

    • In the end you should know what is best but establish your boundaries

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