Im confused on why my ex is doing this?

We broke up more than half a year ago. It ended on good terms and we talked for a few months but then it eventually stopped altogether. He and I don't talk. I heard that he potentially hates me now. But we also are in the same friend circle. Usually, if its awkward, one wouldn't show up at events especially if their ex is there. But it seems that he has been showing up to group events and pretending like I'm not there. If he wants to avoid me altogether, why is he there? He even knew beforehand that I was planning to go and he shows up there anyways. I don't get what my ex is trying to do and its driving me crazy? The group hangouts are like combined group hangout so its not only his guys friends there.


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  • Breaking up with someone in the same friend circle is awkward and tough. It seemed like you guys handled it alright. I don't think he is trying to get to you by coming but I guess he just wants to hang out with his friends which are also your friends. The whole bros before hoes saying and all.

    I don't he wants to avoid you per say but I think if you guys started talking it might give the wrong impression to everyone or ruin his chances with any other girl he plans to go for. In this case I really think he just wants to hang with his friends and not miss out just because you are there.


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