Marital Trust issues,,,,?

How do you trust someone who had Facebook boyfriends that caused us to divorce 7 months ago. Then she says, she is tired of fighting and would like us to try it again but to only find-out that I still cannot touch her phone... What brought me back is that my kids have gone thin and were very shallow this was the first time in their dad stayed out of their lives. But maybe I am making a storm out of waves or she is still the same lying person that she always have been,... pls help lost emotions...


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  • Why do you need to be with her to be present with your children? They should be the priority

    • Hi wonder thats a real problem as the law says I can have my kid to myself but she worms her self in the whole time using the kids as a way to come with the whole time...

    • Go through mediation and have a court ordered visitation schedule set. If she breaks it, you go back to court

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  • Social media has in my opinion a perverse effect on people. The illusion of multiple choice. Like there's a ton of fish in the sea, making people feel insecure about their own relationships. I think trust is a big isdue these days. And us the generation between 30-40 is having a difficult time coping with it.

    • yaa but would you trust her anymore...

    • No,,,,,,,,

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  • The trust is already broken. If u wanna get back together, she must at least try to gain your trust again like let u touch her phone etc.

    • yes cause if a relationship is one sided then its all a waste

    • I think mine also one sided. But i just ignore and take it as just a commitment to be filled.

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  • Avoid her and find another girl.

    • yes I agree with that and the sad part is that Im still inlove with her...

    • So what, find someone else to love.

    • thanks get the hint

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