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Ok so theirs this girl that gave me her number and we would text each other and when I compliment her, she would either write back lol or oh wow & thanks to a person on here that told me she might not like me I accepted it and didn't text her back and when i complimented her she never responded back until the next day. Out of nowhere she's texting me good morning. Does she like me or she's just looking for someone to talk to?


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  • She may have just not known how to react to a compliment which may have been why she was like that.

    It could be either one she may like you and that's why she wants to talk to you or she may have gotten used to you building up her confidence by always complimenting her and she misses that rather then actually talking to you.

    Do you both meet up and go out anywhere together or do use normally just message each other?

    • We met up once and we have a date in a couple of days. She's really weird to me and I'm not sure how she feels.

    • If she asked you out/ agreed to a date she must have some interest.

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