Girls, Girl I like, always says random stuff 🤔☺️ ?

Ok so I tried to add hot girl before introducing myself in person and she didn't accept me. She would always stare at me. And be quiet so after introducing myself at break she started asking me lots of questions and teasing me. So joking around I asked for her number after confirming she single and she gave it me. So I text her days after asking if she would like to go out which she said she's not single and that Sge didn't expect me to. but in class she started joking around calling me names because I ignored her 🤔Then after class again I said bye n thank you for helping in class cz I didn't get chance to say it So then I avoided her for awhile. And her friends start staring at me , but now EVERYTIME she sat with her friend in library she stares at phone smiling to herself? So I went up her frievds which are in my class and started having a joke around and she kept secretely laughing at my jokes but staring at her phone. but because I was speaking to other girls after class when I was walking with her she said I seem to have my way with the ladies? Why does she even care and why does she say random stuff and laugh to herself? Thanks for help 😊


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  • Because she’s just a random person


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