What to do with my post friends with benefits relationship?

So basically me and my ex boyfriend started being friends with benefits. We broke up a long ass time ago so there were no feelings. We both were lonely and wanted sex and just like the physical part of a relationship without feelings. Recently we broke it off. I'm not exactly sure why, but we had this long conversation about loneliness and we talked about our old relationship. Basically it was a dramatic way to end a Friends with benefits. It almost felt like a mini version of our break up. And now the aftermath is like the aftermath of our break up. He tells me we should just we friends and to text him and that's he's there for me so I do and he doesn't respond and ignores me when we see each other (just like our post break up). I was wondering what's your opinion and what I should do. I mean there's the just give each other space option but last time we didn't talk for 8 months and I don't want him to be out of my life for that long again. And I don't want history to repeat itself


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  • The whole concept of friends with benefit is pure drama magnet, somebody always get hurt in the end. If you guys don't want to be together the best thing is to give each other some space. It is very hard to maintain friendship after all that, almost impossible. The only advice I can give you is that the people will come in your life and also go like you never knew them. You just have to get comfortable with that fact. Peace and the best of luck.

    • Do you think if we just give each other space for awhile now our chance of being JUST friends is greater than trying to be friends right now?

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    • Thank you

    • Np, I wish you all the best. Peace...

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