Just to put this off my chest?

I have a friend, she is part of my group of friends at the University. One day walking home, she asked me about girls, I answered sincerely that I had affective problems and I told her my story, she told me hers and from that moment we started talking regularly. Eventually I fell in love with her, but she has a boyfriend, I knew forehand, but couldn't help to fall for her and I had hopes that she would feel the same for me. At first I was happy but after sometime being best friends it became something toxic, not because of her, but because of my feelings, we enjoyed the time we spent together, but everytime afterwards I felt really low and frustrated, the typical so close but yet so far story. I want to confess my feelings, but I know that means killing our friendship, I don't know how will she take this, she probably might not comprehend why that means ending our friendship, I will tell her that I need it because it is the only way I see for me to be able to find love somewhere else. I guess it might sound shelfish, but I don't see a better scenario for both of us. If I don't let the distance be between us I will start turning my love to a bitter perception of her. Of course that would end our friendship too, but with an ugly memory. What would you do on my situation? I am probably not going to change my mind, but I would really like to know how would you handle the situation from both sides hers and mine


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  • Honestly, I think you’re doing the right thing man. You’re confessing your feelings, which is ballsy. Also, confessing to someone who’s in a relationship? Ballsier. As long as you won’t regret telling her your feelings, do it. You know what you want, and you know that you can’t talk to her anymore because you need to find knew love. From her perspective, depending on how close you are, I’ll admit, I’d be upset losing a close friend. Buttttttt, I would never want to hold someone back. If she’s really close to you, I think she will understand you and respect your wishes. That’s what good friends do man. I wish the best for you 👍

    • Hahhahaha thank you, really cheered me up

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  • Bro, i would have done the same thing.
    No, correction, I've done the same thing, though i was waaaay younger, like 15, so i don't think it counts.

    • Happened to me too, but I wasn't man enough to tell her why, I've allways regreted that. It sure does count in my opinion. What happened if it is not too much indiscretion?

    • Didn't tell her face to face though, too much of a pussy back then.
      So nothing much really, she said she didn't "love" me back, so i got all depressed and shit. I had more going on but i kinda took it out on her.
      We changed school when i was 16, and the last time i saw her she had a tattoo on her face that said "bitch" so i count that as a win ^^

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