Good or bad idea?

guys picture this: you break up with your first girlfriend you were with a month, you break up with her because you’re not ready and because you feel too nervous around her, it makes you sick. a few days after you break up with her she sends you this text. how would it make you feel? “hey, i just want to make sure you’re positive you don’t want me around anymore, because i know i wasn’t treating you right, i want you to know i’m sorry and honestly it was cause i was nervous around you too, i wasn’t being myself. it takes time to get to know someone and be comfortable. i felt the same way, everything was a little rushed i just couldn’t say no to being your girlfriend the last thing i wanted to do was hurt you. so if you’re definitely not going to want to be with me i understand, it’s okay, but if you wanted to we could even just start being friends and see what happens, and if we just stay friends or not then whatever i won’t pressure you into anything cause i’m not even sure how i feel about the situation i just see you as a nice funny guy that’s been hurt and deserves the world and that’s something i can’t pass up so easy, it’s hard to find a guy who is just a great guy these days. i feel foolish asking this because if you wanted to be here you would, but i thought about the situation throughly and realized i wasn’t doing anything but making the situation worse.”


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  • I stopped reading after a month part. Like who has a one month relationship? That is very brief. 🙂🙃

    • My first one was a few weeks. The end was very messy. (I've been with my current girlfriend for over a year now ☺)

    • Good to hear.

  • I'd say "yeah whatever.. I'm done with you."

  • I would take her back


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