How to get over a bad breakup?

I've recently ended my relationship with my boyfriend of 14 months, it wasn't hard when we ended it at first but now I'm constantly thinking about it and breaking down, what are some ways I can get over this quickly..


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  • I agree with the girl below me (lol) Also don't forget to erase everything that reminds you of him.


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  • You can't get over think quickly, there is no magic pill for me, if there were, I would be the first to take it. It just takes time to get over someone. You guys were together for a while and all the memories and events and feelings isn't just going to magically disappear. Give it time and in the mean while, go out, have fun, meet new people and eventually, you're going to find a guy that's going to make you be able to move on

    • Yeah, I agree too. I still sometime breakdown and stuff, but you are gonna have good days and bad days. All you could do it try and try to forget those memories. And slowly it shoud come to pass. But what I have learn you have to really try if you want to move on.

      Good Luck!

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