Do you think this girl will ever reach out to me again?

So long story short, dated this girl in the summer, things were seemingly going great, met her dad, her sister, and we were talking about being in a long term relationship, then all the sudden she broke up with me, i know she was still talking to her ex and went back to him as i saw pics on FB and instagram later with them together. About a month after she broke up with me, i texted her wishing her well as she was moving to another state for grad school, she responded and was nice, then couple days later randomly texted me saying she didn't wanna talk to me again, and to not contact her. So i didn't, she liked a couple of my insta pics, and then slid in the DMs and i didn't respond, then texted me adn we talked for a little while, eventually had like a 30 minute phone call one night, i kept waiting for her to apologize but she never did, then over the next couple weeks would sometimes send me snaps or respond to a snapchat story of mine, then i saw on her snapchat she was on a date with someone, so i was just like well this isn't what i want, i felt like i was being strung along so i blocked and deleted her from everything, and eventually unblocked her but she is unfriended on everything now. Its been a couple weeks, and i dont really want to date her again, but i would like it if she reached out, maybe apologized or just tried to date me again, do any of you think that will ever happen? I was ridiculously good to this girl when we dated, went on awesome dates and i paid, got her flowers, the whole deal. Prototypical nice guy as it were though, prolly had a lot to do with why she dumped me, anyway, any thoughts on things are welcome. I really dont feel childish or anything for blocking her, we have 0 mutual friends, and met on bumble, and she was a total douche to me when i was super nice to her, and i feel like i needed to do it for my own healing.


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  • Honestly the only thing i have to say is move on you deserve better than this..


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