Ex and cinema? Will u Go?

After some time my ex asked me to Go to the cinema With him I said I wasn't able to Go and it was true.
He didn't ask me to go again actually he stopped talking to me.

So I got courage and I asked him. He said yes but it didn't sound enthusiastic.

Do u think he wants to Go and maybe get Back together or he is just going because I told him and is like ok bah I win anyway?


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  • Only he can give a correct answer to the question "what's on his mind"?

    As for me, I can firmly say that I would never ever ever E. V. E. R. go anywhere with my exes. And no, we're not on bad terms.

    • Thank u for ur opinion. I don't want to ask him

    • I know you don't. I just said it because nobody will probably give a correct answer, it's all speculations

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