He flaked on me?

We’ve been hooking up for 2 months until I went back to my home country on vacation for 3 months. Before I came back I suggested him to find someone else but he said no cuz I am better. While I was away, I would get some random messages from him like he misses me and he wants me back soon.

When I’m back in England, he immediately proposed to meet me, but I refused him twice because I was too tired from the trip. However, when I’m ready to meet him, he just suddenly became distant and unavailable that he was too busy to see me. I kept asking him when he’s free, he always replies friendly, tells me he misses me and he will see me soon.

Now before he finally proposed a plan to see me, we set last minute arrangement to hook up twice , I did it once and he did it once but neither was successful. He flaked on me twice m. He gave me some explanations like he has been too hangover and fell asleep the whole time etc, lying his ass off cuz I can see him on snapchat.

Yesterday he was supposed to come over and he put forward the plan himself, however he just disappeared for the whole day. Didn’t answer my call or open my message, surely didn’t show up but still I can see him online on snapchat for some time. No explanation afterwards. Didn’t even open my last message.

He still looks at my instagram stories and everything but he’s not responding. Do you guys think he’s had someone else? Is he playing a game to cut me off?


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  • It seems like he could have found someone else he is interested in or is sleeping with. It's probably best to move on if you are looking for more then just sex

    • thanks for your response! I’m not looking for more than just sex, instead I want a regular sexual partner. I expect to see him once a week with plans in prior but he’s been playing games. I really enjoy hooking up with him but I don’t like him in person, so I would want to try to keep him as my sexual partner

    • He may just be playing games because you weren't able to see him before he is doing the same thing back to you. He may be genuinely busy at the times you messge him or just not in the mood to sleep together so isn't replying or as you mentioned he may have found someone else to sleep with. When you first started sleeping with him did you tell him that you wanted it to be at least every week and didn't want anything more? It's probably best to message his phone rather then on social media ( if that's how you did last time) and see if he still wants to sleep with you, just so you know if you should be trying to find someone else.

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