She was my fiancé, I’ve known her 9 years, but we were only together for a short time. She left me 2 weeks ago, she blocked me on everything, give up?

Should I give up? I wish to give her space I wrote an apology email and sent it to her 2 days ago. No response of course. Sheis currently with her ex of three years, which was the main reason we had problems. Also when she broke up with him to be with me, she got drunk and slept with on her guy best friends which lead to our having problems to begin with.


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  • Sounds really messy and like a tough situation, it might be better for you to find someone healthier to love.. I can only say that you need to not come across desperate but try to take some time to work on yourself and remind her of the person that she fell in love with.

    • Thanks for the advice, I am doing my best to focus on myself, regardless whether she had stayed or not I would be doing what I’m doing now. Working on improving myself, learning from this experience.

      It was a rough situation, the whole time she was here we fought about her past, her ex etc. her brother told me she’s still very angry and bitter towards me.

      It’s a complicated story. If I didn’t know for 9 years and didn’t actually wish to marry her I wouldn’t still be trying. At this point I have no way of contact except through email. She currently has no physical address. And if I send mail to her current place her ex boyfriend would most likely throw my letter away.

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