Split from my wife together for 13 years I still love her?

I split with my wife around 5 months ago and it has been hell ever since there was no arguments or anything during the break up it was very civil in the 13 years we were together we only had 3 arguments my question is for women do you think there is a chance she could change her mind she said she just didn't love me anymore and I left I fought hard for weeks but think I may have pushed her further away 😢


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  • I think that there was a solid reason behind the split up. You dont need to argue a lot in an unhappy marriage. I don't think there is any chance that she'll change her mind...

    • This is the thing it wasn't a unhappy marriage or it didn't seem it I worked provided for her and my family didn't drink was never abusive let her go out with girl friends regularly while I had the kids I just don't get how you can go from loving someone enough to marry them to not loving them at all with no explanation I worship that woman and treat her like the queen she is and now she won't even speak to me 😢

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    • Yeah of course you do! But you can't force her into telling you..

    • Yea I know that lol

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  • When women fall out of love with a man it's for a few reasons: either the man cheated on her, she found another man/woman she's in love with, she just wanted out, her expectations changed and not being met etc...


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