Ex girlfriend is being hot and cold. What do I do?

Ex girlfriend broke up with me a while back. I immediately went into NC. Sadly, I do see her at the gym quite a bit.

Last week, she started to tease me and even have light conversation with me. Then she told me she heard about competition I was participating in. I told her not to come because I jokingly said “I don’t want you taking topless photos of me.” She replies saying “one day you’ll grow up” laughing as she walks away.

this week I saw her and she was like 2 feet away from me completely ignoring me.

the following day, I see her again and she keeps staring at me. After her workout, I see her chilling facing my general direction.

next time I see her, she kinda talks indirectly to me. Regardless that she didn't give me eye contact, I still spoke to her. Her best friend, which is a guy, starts being playful with me. He ended up getting hurt at the gym as he was playfully fighting me so I got him an ice pack and left him at it.

thoughts and opinions?


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  • It seems like you’re reading too much in to this... she was being friendly, and people don’t always stop and talk to people they know at the gym every single time they see each other. Just sounds like she’s making an effort to make things not awkward by making to clear you can talk to each other


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