Why is he acting mad at me? I really don't think I did anything wrong. Help? I'll answer yours. ?

So this guy I went on a date with Friday, well he took me out to eat and the movies which guys dont do much anymore and he was really sweet he's a good guy. But then he asked me to stay over so I did and we ended up having really great sex. he's texted me ever since but the only problem is that today we were supposed to hang out and then I accidentally texted him saying I was coming n he goes "was dat relly for me or no" n I said it was for my sis. Then I called him an old man cuz he said he had gone to bed early and got up early and he got upset and said "dont call me no old guy Im 28 not that old" wtf? And he hasn't texted me since and I texted him last lol. Why is he mad I'm 21 its not that big of a deal over a joke?


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