My ex is being confusing?

My ex and I broke up about almost two months ago. We dated for over 3 and half years. We broke up because he wanted to be single and see what else is out there. But I can't help but think it isn't over. Like I've been with other people have forgotten about him but at the end of the day I still feel like there's a really weird chance. The other day I realized that he had deleted all the pictures of us on his instagram. We haven't talked since the beginning of October. Which I found weird. He also doesn't watch my snapchat stories anymore.

My friend and I figured out that he was purposely doing that as he watches hers but not mine. Yesterday was his birthday and I didn't wish him a happy birthday at all and he magically started watching my snapchats stories. It was like he wanted me to text him. He also watched my instagram story and that apparently shows you the order of your stalkers. I do not know what to think of this. Please help?


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  • Um... why not let it go? Everybody who refuses to accept reality always uses the “I just feel like it isn’t over” excuse... including me once upon a time. He told you he wanted to see what else is out there. Watching your stories or not, he’s your ex and if you try to create a puzzle out of random things he’s doing , you’ll only hurt yourself

    • I have tried to let it go and everytime I do he magically appears.

  • ya he noticed you forgot his birthday and now he's creeping back to send some feelers. do not text him...

    • Is this a good thing.. meaning like he misses me and wants me to reach out like I normally do?

    • he also hasn't watched any of my snaps today.

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