I don't know if its on purpose or not but my ex is playing mind games?

This girl was and still is the love of my life. Out of nowhere 3 weeks ago she didn't complete 180 and told me she needed space and a break from us. She didn't want to belong to anyone and long distance was stressing her out along with the buttload of things she had on her plate with school and work as well... now when we started dating she told me she didn't see any reason why ex's should remain friends and she always deleted them on social media, but she has kept me on all accounts except Snapchat and she even likes and comments occasionally. She even remained friends with my family and kept the pictures of us up. Is it really over? Or is this just a phase she needs to get through? I've never invested myself into a girl emotionally, psychologically, really in any way.


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  • it must be on purpose


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