Was he trying to manipulate me or was I just too dramatic?

I sent him a friend request in August. He said he couldn't add me because his account was temporarily banned for saying stuff and people reporting him. He said in 2 weeks I will add you.. in Oct. I asked him why he hasn't added me and once again he said he was banned again and that he planned to just delete his account all together. Anyhow, I just noticed today that he was no longer in my search engine so I assumed he deleted it. However, my friend said she could see him.. needless to say he blocked me and changed his photo. When I asked him he denied it. Then said i was getting mad of petty media shit and life wasn't about that. Then said he was going to bed and that he was pissed now. I told him he played victim too much. I also told him I was done. He thinks I am childish for ending it over social media. I feel he was hiding something. I even said if the tables were turn you wouldn't be upset about that.. he said he wouldn't care one bit. Was I over dramatic? It wasn't about social media but more so he wouldn't do something as simple as add me to his face book to reassure me he wasn't hiding anything.


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  • He is definitely hiding something from you.. or else to save the relationship he would had added you in some or other way... or he wants a break with u... or else he don't want u to know that he is dating someone through Facebook

  • Well, he probably hiding something or maybe he just need his personal 'space'.

    • Well he added me on SnapChat, Instagram and Skype.. but just not facebook

    • He is afraid that you'll ask for a relationship status on facebook, which is i think he would not be 'free' as before.
      The fact that he said wanted to delete all his social media, but turns out he only blocked you is clearly that he is hiding something from you.

    • You are right! Oh well ! :(

  • He was manipulating you. Leave him and move on.


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