Am I missing him too much?

I still miss my ex, a lot. We never even really had a break up or anything. He had to leave to attend boot camp and necessary military training, we agreed to take a break so neither of us are held back from our opportunities. He wasn't the first guy I felt strong feelings for, but he was the only one I've ever had such strong emotion and connection to. I've never had a problem with missing people, I grow up and move on, but this just feels different. When he was here I felt like it helped give me purpose to push past my depression and work on myself and my life, while he's gone though, I just feel worthless. I feel like there's nobody to impress and I miss the way I actually got nervous when he even held my hand and took my some place I never knew about before. It doesn't make any sense, it really doesn't. I miss him too much it feels like, my life is about him and I now. Not just me.Am I missing him too much??Am I missing him too much??


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  • Yeah been their , It is completely normal to miss your ex and you also miss the things the dates and the places where you shared memories with your ex. Call him , text him and if you dont have accesses to his number contact him threw facebook.

    • He's at military preparation, I can't contact him. I haven't been able to say a word to him since August and I won't be able to till January and possibly even later

    • Boy that sucks , lets wait and see. Sounds like you found your soulmate.

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  • I'm sorry hun, I'm sure he is missing you too. Maybe write letters to him and send it to him. If he can't recieve them, still write them and keep them until he can recieve them. He'll be happy to at least know you're thinking of him. Make like a scrapbook of pictures of your daily life or places you both went to or shared or your favorite things. Or if a scrapbook is too old school maybe a picture book or whatever the digital form would be.

    • I told him I'd write at least a letter every week and keep them until he's back so that I can read them to him and all... I have written plenty, it just doesn't bring him back. It's hard seeing the places where he used to hold my hand, or remembering the ways he talked to me and how I chickened out on something that could have saved him from military and we could still be together. I just hate it, I really do.

    • I know it's hard, believe me, I've been there. But try to distract yourself. If you consume yourself with too much thinking about him it's just gonna make you even more love sick. Try to understand that he's building his life right now and is doing what's best for him. I know it's easier said than done but be patient. It'll be worth it when he's done and you can talk again. Surround yourself with hobbies and friends. You're doing what you can and that's it. There's not much you can control in this situation so try to not be consumed with those emotions. Next year is not too far off and he's going to really appreciate those letters. Be strong hun.

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  • I recommend not placing your “mental heath motivation” on another person. Realise that the drive to better yourself should be for you to love whomever you please, and not to get better to love a specific person. I’m sure he misses you, but try to focus on your own health so you don’t end up missing him too much and spiralling down.


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