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i was dating a guy for two years and we broke up and 2 months ago he told me he’s not yet over me and now he has a new girlfriend. what does this means? another question, he still texts me what does this means? another thing we had 200 streaks and since we broke up they’re gone and now he sends me snaps to start streaks, what does this means? and i want to make him regret leaving me or miss me so what could i do? dont start streaks and keep no contact between us?


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  • First things first both of you broke up already then 2 months later he told you his still not yet over you and then you saw him with his new girlfriend a real man won't say his still not yet over you and then have a new girlfriend. A real man wouldn't just say it but act on it he would meant every single word and letter of what he said. Strike 1 already

    Second if you knew he already has a girlfriend why still entertain his snaps to you. If you knew already his taken you just stop entertaining him and start ignoring him

    Third if you want him to regret for leaving you and make him miss why still have contact with him again you should stop that how can he miss you if you still in contact with him and if you want him to regret everything when he leaved you then show him what he needs to see find someone who you can love more than you love yourself someone who can love you more than himself too loved you threat you with respect someone who will treat like your the biggest part of his world and can't live without you and then when that happen without you realising how happy you are with your current partner and then he suddenly saw out of nowhere and then where he will regret everything for leaving you and realise that he could be the guys holding the happiest girl he could ever see.

  • i recomend keeping no contact. he's up to no good at the moment. if he's still not over you and has a girlfriend then she's a rebound that probably won't last and he's probably trying to make you jealous too. keeping no contact is best in these situations becuase he won't be able to, which will bother him. and make sure no contact means no contact, no texts no facebook, no steaks and no replying to things he does. that includes checking his facebook and especially liking anything from him.

  • sounds like a asshole to me. i think he's playing both you and his current girlfriend


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