I’m so freaking confused someone help me?

Hey guys. I’m completely lost. So my ex of about 8 months just broke up with me over the phone. i went to fetch my things but she decided to keep 2 jackets of mine? she said she would contact me if she finds anything of mine, I haven’t heard from her for one week now and i saw a lot of my stuff left behind. We still a couple on Facebook which is weird and I’m trying to wrap my brain around it all.. she broke up with me, well what I think the reason was because I lost myself. do I have any hope in getting her back? I’m healing and focusing on myself but I haven’t answered the question if I will take her back.. any feed back on her actions would be appreciated... if you need any more information I’ll reply as soon as possible


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  • I mean I d k have you tried to ask her why?

    • Ok so update. I went to fetch my stuff and asked her the 2 questions. she likes the 2 jackets and wants to keep them as a memory of me? she says that she wanted to take off the the Facebook relationship thingy only when the break up calms down. when I was leaving she kissed me on the neck and lips and gave me a massive long hug... we also spoke about dating again and she sounded jealous about a few girls

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