Why does my ex care so much about pictures that are posted of me?

I am not friends with him anymore on facebook, but he will look at my best friend's page and look at the pictures that are uploaded. Recently, my friend posted some pictures of us out on the town and we were really drunk and some of them were kind of inappropriate. Then my ex sent me a facebook message saying, "really?" and showing me all the inappropriate pictures. It really bugs me that he does this, considering HE broke up with ME and it's absolutely none of his concern. Also, I know for a fact he's into partying a lot and I'm sure doing inappropriate things and taking pictures, but why judge ME when he's probably doing worse? So annoying.


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  • becuz he's JEALOUS.

  • I think personally, he's trying to get you aggravated as well as kinda of like wanting you back. but he sounds like he isn't over you and he sound kinda of like.. a DICK. But I would try to ignore it or act like its not annoying you! And be clever back (:


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