If woman cheats on her husband do you think it's really the husbands fault that she cheated on him or is it her fault?

I hate it when Wendy Williams said if the wife cheats on her husband, he must of did something to cause her to cheat, but if a guy cheats on his wife, it's because he's a sucker for big boobs and thick curves. That's a double standard. She also said women are smarter at cheating... who is she to put the female gender high up on a pedestal, it's not so much of the fact that women are smarter at cheating, women just don't do it as often, that's why it's uncommon.

Wendy Williams has no right to make an excuse for women who cheat on their husbands.
  • A.) it's the wife's fault
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  • B.) it's the husband's fault, that made her cheat.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • It's immature to blame someone for your choice to do something as vile as cheating on them. If you're unhappy with them or something they did, you should talk to them or break up with them, not cheat on them, blame them, and possibly ruin their trust for future relationships, self esteem, and hurt them tremendously.


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What Girls Said 3

  • It is always, always the person who cheated's fault.

    'oh you weren't emotionally supportive enough so I looked elsewhere' is such a piss-weak cop-out. It's like these people have never heard of open communication and expect their partners to read their damn minds. Ugh.

    It is never the fault of the person who was cheated on. Ever.

  • Her fault

  • If you cheat on anyone it is definitely ur fault, if u had a problem with ur partner then u should have spoken to them instead of finding pleasure or satisfaction elsewhere


What Guys Said 4

  • There is truth to this. A person doesn't just cheat for the sake of cheating. Something has to be wrong in the relationship and your partner can be a contributing factor. Let's be real. Men and women cheat for different reasons. A man will cheat for sex if he's doesn't get it at home , where as a woman will cheat if she's emotionally ignored or not mentally satisfied.

    I honestly believe that women are far better at cheating than men. They often don't get caught which makes it seems like they also cheat less.

    * obviously this doesn't apply to every person or situation.

    • That's only because you're selling yourself short for you say women are better at cheating. I would still say women don't cheat that often because most women who are not feeling emotionally satisfied will usually just break up with her husband before she goes out to meet another guy.

    • If you believe that. I'm not going to argue.

    • You shouldn't think women are the more superior genders, both genders are equal

  • Cheating is ALWAYS caused by the cheater violating their promise of fidelity. No excuses or exceptions.

  • I see it a lot you weren't around to support me so i cheated

  • She's a guy with boobs. What the fuck does she know anyway? Just a cunt rag.


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