I like to collect anime figures, is that a good enough reason for my partner to leave me?

I like to collect anime figures, is that a good enough reason for my partner to leave me?(Image note, this is not mine. Image taken from Google.)

This is more a hypothetical question.

Personally, I find it low just because it's a side hobby that some might consider weird. At least I can make a small profit off of them in my local area if I choose to do so.

Lots of people still consider it a weird thing so that's why I'm asking this question. I feel like I shouldn't have to fear losing someone I'm in love with just because I have an interest they don't. If I have to sell them off to keep love, then it begins to form a toxic relationship, a controlling one.

  • Yes, it's a weird hobby that only girls should have.
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  • Yes, it's a weird hobby all around. Why would you still collect toys?
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  • No, your partner shouldn't have to leave you because of something you like that isn't even controversial (like necrophilia or politics).
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  • No, they don't have anything to do with it anyways. Otherwise they're just immature or controlling.
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  • Subjective. To some, things can be a turn-off, like some guys not liking woman who have plushies or dolls.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I don't think its weird.. I even promote to love anime in every gender and age.. Now the problem is if you use all your money to it.. If you sont include her to it.. Things like that is the bad thing so it might leave you.. Your prioties is still important in relationship


Most Helpful Guy

  • If you didn't had this hobby, what would you be insecure about?

    • Good question. I want to see where you're going with this.

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What Girls Said 2

  • It's kind of hot but If it's taking away all your money then I'd have a problem.

  • It's not valid reason for your partner to leave you


What Guys Said 3

  • It's a good enough reason if she wants a partner that doesn't do that lol

    I mean it's as simple as that
    There are also girls that like the same stuff. Lol i know a girl that has comic books on her wall 😂

  • Purely depends on interests, you would normally go out with someone with similar interests.

  • She may not appreciate them taking up space in her house (if you share a house).


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