How do I let a girl know that I like her?

I've been knowing this girl like my whole life. I've really grown accustomed to her. Every time I try to make a move however, she's always talking to a new guy. There always the same too. She get's broken hearted and I'm always there to pick up the pieces. Am I doing something cause she never seems to notice?


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What Girls Said 1

  • Next time your picking up the pieces and being there for her. tell her you will always be there for her and care so much about her. If she doesn't get the hint then tell her your true feelings (give her time to get over the last douchebag before you do this)

    And you are doing nothing, that's the problem be a little more obvious with your signals so she notices.


What Guys Said 1

  • If you've known her for a long time LET HER KNOW that you've developed feelings for her and just can't keep going on like this - if she likes you she will give you a shot. If she doesn't, well don't be there to "pick up the pieces" and stuff like that. Still be buddies, still talk to her but if your feelings for her go beyond friendship while her's don't you are just wasting your time. No matter what you DON'T want to get hung up on a girl who doesn't like you - it gives you tunnel vision, and you will miss out on the girls who actually do like you!

    Also, I hate to say it but I'm betting she'll say that she's known you too long and can't imagine dating you or something like that but who knows - if you never say anything you will never know for sure!


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