Last night, I had a nightmare about my ex!

I dreamed that I was 7 months pregnant with his child, but it was going to have mild Down Syndrome because I had consumed alcohol during the pregnancy. Supposedly, I hadn't known I was pregnant at the time I drank. Anyway, I tried calling my ex, but he had blocked my number, so I couldn't reach him to tell him that I was pregnant with his child. Does this mean anything? lol


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  • It just means whatever outcome you would have had from staying with your ex would have been bad, and he wouldn't be there for you and would end up abandoning you to deal with the bad repercussions alone.

    So be glad that you're not with him anymore!

    • Wow, you're very analytical. Thank you. He tended to *poof* disappear at crucial moments, so you're probably right!

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  • its saying your crazy

    • LOL, thanks!

    • Ya ha ha no it prob means you are thinking about him to much is all and that he was a gay wad your lucky to be rid of

    • True dat.

  • Nooope, doesn't say anything.


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