Will he come running back to me?

I thought everything was going perfectly well with this guy I was dating this summer. We were basically perfect for each other...we had the same opinions, values, etc. On Friday night, we had an amazing time together at the movies, and he seemed happy. The next day, he was supposed to come over and spend the day with me. He still seemed excited to see me on Saturday morning, and told me he couldn't wait to hold me again, etc. Then five minutes later, he texted me saying that he was feeling depressed, and couldn't come. Three hours after that, he wanted to have a "rational conversation" which began with the "we should just be friends" crap. I was so hurt, because I couldn't sense anything wrong in our relationship! And when I asked him what his reason was, he said that he honestly didn't know the reason. He said that I am "perfect for him, but he's just not feeling it." Then he told me that he felt awkward when we kissed, even though HE is the one who kept leaning in to kiss me the night before! After he said all of this to me, he then goes on to tell me that he's "so sorry, and that he hates himself for this, and the thought of me being anything but happy makes him want to cry." So then, why did he do this? I am so confused...I don't understand how he could just end it like that, with no reasonable explanation whatsoever. Most of my friends, and even my dad, say that there's a good chance he'll come running back within a week or two. I miss him so much...I don't understand why he did this. I want him back, but I ignored his last "I'm sorry" text. I haven't spoken to him since Saturday. I'm too hurt, and I don't know what to even say. I'm just too confused. Does anyone have any clue what I should do, or what's going on?


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  • at a time when the relationship hits a hot/cold patch, it's best to bite your natural instincts and do the unexpected, communicate...it's the only way to problem solve and eventually fix things...silence only deepens the wedge that was created between the two of you...something is wrong with him


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