Is it true that you never get over a girl until you get a new one?

This girl and I didn't even have a real relationship. We only had three months, and basically it was stunted potential that ran out of time. I held onto hope, but then I eventually realized that she didn't care about me and it was worse because when I eventually saw her again in person, it was like I was invisible.

Anyway, it's been 9 and a half months since then. I've been doing great, feeling great. I'm over this girl and I accept it'll never happen.

However, I can't shake off the feeling that I'll truly forget her if I get someone else. The reason for this is that my mind still goes back to her--I still think about her every day, even if there's no feelings associated and it's just more like "it's a pity it didn't work out."

Is it true that you can never truly get over someone without getting someone else?


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  • I think once you like someone you'll always think about them from time to time regardless of whether you currently have any feelings for them. It's natural because at one point they were a major point of focus in your life so you probably won't ever forget her even if you do find a new girl to like, its normal as long as it doesn't make you feel sad, then it's totally fine and normal.


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  • It's not. To be over over, move on, however you want to put it, all you have to do is be happy with yourself and your life. If you're happy and loving what you're doing then you don't need to have another person.

  • No, it's not true at all.


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