He always comes back when I leave him...?!

what does he want from me? whenever I leave him he begs and begs for me to take him back and that our relationship can work and is the sweetest guy ever, but when I do... he doesn't act like that anymore, so then I end things with him again cause of I can't trust him but then he begs again! its so off and on that its stressing ke out.. why is he doing this to me. :(


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  • Hes not doing anything. He's a guy, this is how guys are, we don't know how to show love that well. He does love you that's why he begs for you. He just doesn't know how to show it when he has you. You need to talk to him and let him know. Just say listen babe, I love you alot, that's why were still together, but I would like you to show me more when your with me, then just cry every time we break up. Tell him what you would like, and if there's things that he would like you to improve on aswell.

    • Thanks for the answer. might I add I do feel like he does love me but the things he does when we're together make me think he won't change. for ex: he ignores calls, he's addicted to MySpace (I think to talk to girls) makes more plans with his friends then me, isn't that sweet to me anymore. I don't know I sometimes feel like its just all games with him so I keep ending it. what's the point of begging for me back if he's obviously not changing?

    • Like I said. Were not playing games or anything, we just don't know how to show it. Guys aren't built emotionally, were girls are built emotionally. You need to understand that he does love you, and just because he isn't sweet all the time anymore doesn't mean he doesn't wanna be with you, or doesn't wanna see you, that's just how we are, there is no why to this. You also need to understand that your probably not in the honeymoon phase anymore too of the relationship. Just trust me, and ignore your crazy

    • Crazy thoughts.

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  • be firm, its all you can do, don't give him any hope and ignore him

  • The saddest thing in the world...you know exactly what to do...

    • What? :( help me.. I've tried ignoring him, it doesn't work.. he always comes back and fights for me stronger :(

  • fart in his face


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