Should I attempt to clear the air or leave things as they are?

My long term (5 plus years) friends with benefits and I had a really huge fallout at the beginning of October, words were exchanged and I blocked him as I didn’t want to continue in the situation we were in, he’s since changed his number as well. I’ve honestly enjoyed not being in touch with him, I have moments when I waiver and think I miss him but i don’t act on it. Recently I feel the need to clear the air, ultimately we were both in the wrong. I don’t want to rekindle things but at the same time I don’t want him to think i hate him because I don’t at all, we had been friends for over 20 years. Not sure if I should just leave it as he hasn’t reached out to me either...


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  • first of all love the name,
    second it's always good to make amends it clears your soul so your not carrying that around with you just don't put any expectations on it and don't assume that
    1. you can patch it even if you apologize
    2. that he will forgive you
    all you can do is the best you can do

    • Thanks for the advice. Would the following be an appropriate message to send?
      I know I said I wouldn’t contact you and please don’t misconstrue this message as me attempting to rekindle things because I’m not.
      Us ending was unnecessarily messy when it didn’t need to be after the length of time we have known each other and how long we were having sex for.
      I didn’t want to leave things as they were.
      I just want to apologise for my part in that, as it’s in the past now and no longer matters. I don’t bare you any ill will and hope that you find someone who makes you happy.

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    • Me to actually. I did have anxiety about it but I think it was because I was expecting him to be his usual self and ignore me

    • He’s gotten back in touch this evening? Very odd 🤨 happily chatted to me for 2 hours and tried to turn the convo a couple of times

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  • Bring the positive energy! Dare to reach out :) Its what being alive is all about. And yeah, going silent is for cowards. I bet you're better than that. If he's not, its the wrong time for him, or he's too weak to bother with. Reach out, and you'll always be able to be proud of that, however he reacts.

    • Thanks for the advice I took the plunge earlier this evening and fortunately he replied and said thank you so I feel happier

  • Yup talk to him, do the right thing

  • Clear

  • I honestly thought this was a farting question


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