Why does it take him so long?

Right now I am very unhappy. I am miss my ex boyfriend so much. We do chat online sometimes everyday and send a minimum of one text a day. But when my ex goes quiet and I do not hear from him, it is then I begin to hurt. I cried just a short time ago. When my ex was with me, he used to send late night texts, so he would reply to me, but sometimes it takes a few hours for him to reply other times he responds immediately to the one I sent him. Its not late but I sent him one and got nothing back.

We were close when we dated for 4 years and I've known him 6 years. He is not dating at the moment., so there is no awkward situation. I don't know why he doesn't as it doesn't take a moment to send one. So what's the problem then?


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  • It seems that he just doesn't want to get too emotionally attached with you again.


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