Getting your ex after a year/could he still like me?

So there is this guy I was with and I still love him even though we broke up. A few months ago he had a break down and told my best friend everything: That he loved me and would kill himself for me. That he would do anything to have me back. And she showed me all of the messages. But she never told me until last night and he has a girlfriend now but he only uses her for sex. How do I know if he still loves me? and if he doesn't, how do I get over him? I love him so much, and I cry over him every night.


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  • This brings up a few questions.

    Did you dump him or he dump you?

    The reason I ask is because if you dumped him, then it is quite possible that he loves you still. Some guys never get over a girl, they just wonder what they lost.

    If he dumped you, then it could still mean that he loves you, it is just a matter of why he dumped you in the first place and that is when you must decide if the reason he dumped you is "Legit"

    Also keep in mind that you will try to rationalize it even though he broke up with you if you love him as much as you appear to, in this senario, but don't let that change how you feel.

    • Well he dumped me because we had been through a lot because I am bipolar and have depression and he just needed to be away from me because I really hurt with all of my prblems. I never cheated on him but I just stirred up a lot of problems...

  • My ex left me a year ago with no closure and basically sucked about it. Just dropped me like a rock and left me to fend for myself. I went into depression, hated everything about myself and my life. I made lots of irrational decisions, etc. I wouldn't give her the time of day if she tried talking to me.


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