Confused? Move on or wait?

So I met this girl who was in the process of divorce. It's her 2nd marriage and she's kind of broken but I was intrigued by her. She seemed on my level, never felt that before. Things were going good, then her bro got married, I guess her family brought up questions and she started thinking. She started acting different..more distant, then her ex contacted her and wanted her back.. She got completely weird and backed off. Said she couldn't do it anymore and was sorry that she let it get so far.. She then said we would still hang but never talked to me and when she did only one liner texts (this coming from talking every night). I told her I want to be with her and that it was okay I know she's broken but I needed to let her know how I felt because it was starting to effect my life.. She froze up and left. I went days without talking to her and seen she was all partying with friends and having a great time. I finally sent a message and asked if we were still cool that I wanted to be friends. Her response was were cool but I just need to figure out where I'm at and don't want to string you along. I replied with I understand and maybe we shouldn't talk for awhile, she replied with I'm sorry, we probably need space, thank you.. So I'm still left wondering, was I just an emotional crutch to get her mind off her ex,etc? From the things the happened/were said she was really into me.. I just don't know why all of a sudden, this just erupted. I'm having a tough time determining is it really over, should I move on because I was really into her.. Any thoughts we be helpful on how to get out of this rut because it sucks feeling this way...


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  • sorry dud but when a girl says she needs time to think that means "OMG quit bugging me" and she's still into her ex but she still kinda wanna string you along

    but you should delete her from you life and move on to the next girl


What Guys Said 1

  • Yes, you should definitely move on.

    It sucks, but you'll get over it.


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