Who gets screwed over more?


Because guys try harder to get girls out of their league/go for the wrong girls.


Because girls try harder to get guys out of their league/go for the wrong guys.

Any thoughts?


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  • I think it ends up being equal. For every girl that gets cheated on by a guy out of her league, a guy gets walked all over by a girl out of his.


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  • i also think it is pretty equal on who gets screwed over more, but I think maybe girls by like 1 or 2 lol

  • i think we both get screwed over equally, I have been treated pretty badly by some guys but I know that a lot of guys also get treated badly by women

    • I would say guys get screwed over more. Just found out tonight my girl has been seeing onther guy. This is the second time in my dating history. I have had 3 other LTR's and have never cheated on any of them. Better now than later in life. It stings a bit but I'm an optomist, she is out there somewhere.

    • Yeah but guys don't usually get raped

What Guys Said 1

  • Everyone's gonna be biased, guys will think guys do; girls will think girls do. I think the answers suggesting 50/50 is probably spot on. Jackassery is gender neutral.

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