My ex wouldn't look at me?

So my ex boyfriend just came over and we were hanging out but the whole time we were talking he was looking out the window and being a lot colder than he used to be. I asked him if he felt uncomfortable and he said no. Why was he being so weird?

He told me later he started dating someone new. Oops


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  • Ask him could be anything, maybe trying to get over you, family, work, etc


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  • He can't figure out why he came over and is p*ssed at himself for wasting his own time with you.

  • He cheated on you and feels bad about it, or he's just trying to avoid any kind of conversation with you because he finds you boring except for in the bedroom.

    • Also, I just assumed he didn't want to be there, but I mean if you don't want to be there why'd you even agree to hang out?

    • It's an obligation thing. You're going to complain either way, so it's better for us in the long run to go put up with you for an hour or two as opposed to blowing you off.

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