Is my ex still interested?

I want to reconcile with my ex-boyfriend in a BIG way. We only dated for 2 months but each of our exes (my ex-boyfriend and his baby's mother) caused so much interference and drama as they didn't want us to be with each other, that the stress and problems broke us up. We have been broken up for 3 months. Over the last month we started talking again online and via email, but not on the phone or in person. There has been flirting and subtle hints of interest on both our parts, but I feel like each of us is waiting for the other to take the real first step and say "Let's try again." In the meantime, I saw that his baby's mother wrote on his facebook wall that she loves him, he didn't post any reply or anything, not publicly anyway, and I asked him if they were back together and he said No, that they are just "friends with sometimes benefits". (This is all via email conversations, we still haven't taken the step to talking on the phone or in person, I feel like we are both approaching this very cautiously at this point.) My question of myself is, why would I want to be with him anyway if he's hooking up with her, and she's saying she loves him - he could be lying to me by saying it's casual and telling her he loves her too, BUT of course my question of you is - I'm still wondering is he interested in reconciling with me? If he was wouldn't he just come out and say so, or ask to see me, and not want me to know he's hooking up? Or is it better that he was honest about hooking up and it possibly is just casual on his part, and it has nothing to do with his feelings of wanting to reconcile (or not) with me? I know only he knows for sure, I'm just looking for feedback, DIRECT AND HONEST, I don't want it sugarcoated, tell it to me straight.

Anyway, in the meantime, I sent him an email tonight laying out exactly how I felt about him and how I still feel about him. I haven't heard back from him (yet - fingers crossed). I didn't ask anything of him or outline any expectations, I just shared with him how I feel and put the ball in his court hoping he'll be open and honest with me in return.

I feel like I'm only asking for trouble especially if his ex is in love with him, but here I go again... anyway, while I wait to hear from him I was wondering what you all thought.

And as soon as I hear back from him I will let you know what he said.


He still hasn't responded. I guess that's my answer. I still don't regret sending him that email, or else how would I ever know...
I still don't understand WHY men don't respond to directness, he should totally just say he doesn't feel the same way and let's just be friends and whatever. Why do men use the silent "take a hint" approach? It's easier I guess.


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  • He could be interested in causal or fwb, if he really wants to be with you he will make it happen...


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  • omg run away from all this drama!

    Seriously, you can find a man who doesn't have all this baby mama blah blah stuff going on. This is all very shady and I would advise you to leave it alone.

    • I know you're SO right... Ever felt like you can't keep away from the fire? I guess I have my own issues...

    • That's OK, we all do, and we all get into stuff like this from time to time. Just be glad he doesn't seem to be biting. Make yourself scarce and have a ladies night out or start dating someone else ha ha :)

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