Is she just toying with me?

So there's this girl that I've been on and off with since like 7th grade. I've always liked her in a way even when we're not dating. I'm gonna be a senior (high school) and I'm transferring to a different school. Earlier this year she told me that she liked me and wanted to be with me, but just didn't want a boy friend. This didn't go well at all. After a month, I felt like we hadn't gotten anywhere, so I told her that I really liked her, but unless she was able to commit a little bit, then I was gonna have to move on. So, of course, she didn't want a commitment and whatever we were doing ended just like that. Now, it's the end if the summer and I was hanging out with her and a few other friends saying good bye and all that. I was getting a vibe that she was like really into me that night, so (keep in mind, I'm like really into this girl all the time and I don't know why) I started flirting with her and getting close to her and you get the picture. Things went really well, and I was talking to her on the phone later that night about how it was a shame things never worked out between us how we thought they always would. Basically the most important thing that I picked up during our conversation was that I had "a shot". I'm trying to not be stupid about this. I know our history and how things can play out, but like I said I really like her and think maybe things will work better when we're not going to the same small school. It's been roughly two weeks since that conversation and I don't want to be pushing things, so I've called her like twice in that time and she hasn't answered. So, I used any man's last resort and texted her to see if she wanted to hangout with some friends or something. She just replied with a short uninterested response like "can't" or some sh*t. And yesterday, I texted her just to see what was up, and she didn't even respond.

I'm just in need of some advice. I like her so much that I hate thinking it, but is she just toying with me?


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  • Seems like she just keeps you around when she wants the company, and if she is busy then she doesn't seem interested. Also, it sounds like she wants to keep her options open with guys right now, and that probably has a lot to do with why she doesn't want to date. The next time she is bored and wants to hangout, tell her that you are busy. Don't make yourself seem too available for her, because, after all, she certainly isn't doing the same for you.


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  • Toying with you?

    It seems she's giving you the "not interested" cold shoulder so I'm not really sure how she's toying with you. I think you need to take the hint and move on from this girl. Stop contacting her and begin to forget about her. You will move on with time and find someone much better.


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