Will he take me back?

I have no idea what guys think, so please help out people!


I met this guy several times, just before I was leaving University and things were going well. However, I had trust issues; I'd got screwed around by a guy a month before and I had problems at home (normally I held the fort, but cos I was away I was helpless).

So I left Uni, thinking that nothing would happen this guy, even though I vaguely mentioned visiting him in a few weeks. Like the previous guy, I was convinced he'd move onto somebody else during the summer (as he had a reputation for doing so) and I became quickly involved with another guy named Phil. We had a whirlwind relationship, and I foolishly updated my status on Facebook to: “In a Relationship.”

To my surprise, the guy from Uni sent a text: “Er what the hell?”

I explained myself pretty badly, and he became very annoyed. I rang up my friend and asked why he was so bothered. My friend said that the Uni guy genuinely liked me, which was rare. I felt guilty, as I knew things could have been brill between us.

However, I numbed the feeling and concentrated on home-life and my “Relationship” with Phil, which ended badly. I deeply regret ever being with him.

After splitting up with Phil, the guilt resurfaced so I sent Uni guy a message apologizing for treating him unfairly. He never replied, simply because he didn't know what to put.

Fair enough.

I returned to University for a few days, and asked to meet Uni guy for a coffee. He agreed and I told him everything because I respected him, not cos I wanted to get back with him. He really appreciated it and said “normally I would hold a grudge against you, but because you're being nice I forgive you.” I decided to be honest and replied: “I'm not going to lie, I do still like you and I hope perhaps in the long-run we could see each other again.”

He admitted he still liked me, but said he was a lot more “cautious,” and would prefer if we just hung out; mainly with friends.

This guy still feels a bit bitter. Yes, I messed him around but it wasn't because of him. It was me, but it isn't what I'm really like: I was going through some sh*t at the time, and he seems to understand.

Do you think I still have a chance with him?


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  • You have a good chance. He's still around. I don't think he's not bitter just worried you will find a reason to bail. Your actions will speak louder than words.


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  • He might if he's comfortable around you again. I could sort of understand if he still feels bitter. But if he does have feeling he would let you know. In the meantime try to be friends with him and go with the flow. :D

  • I think you have a chance


What Girls Said 1

  • I think so, rather than cut all ties with you after that

    he took another route, to be just friends- you never know it could end up and in a realtionship between you guys in the end.


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