Should I chase him back?

Well, I've been talking to a guy for a month and a half. I broke it off because I felt like it was dying. When I felt like it was dying I didn't do anything about it. So when I was in the process of breaking it off he told me that he wants to progress with me but it's obviously that we aren't ready for that type of commitment. With that said we mutually broke it off. Now that we stopped pursuing each other. I really do miss talking to him and his being too as well. Should I get him back or no?


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  • Um,(this seems like you are just missing him.. that your not around him anymore, pple get like that when they stop talking to someone for long periods of time)

    Base on that fact its only been 1 month and a half

    I would go after the guy.try to make it

    If I only knew a guy for that long a probably wouldn't be caring all that much.

  • dont chase after a guy, it lowers your value and makes you look desperate. he doesn't seem interested in you that much anyway.


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