The girl I'm trying to date still have some feelings for her ex?

well, we met on a dating site and then we started talking on MSN for hours after 4 days of that she came over my place. we chilled cooked dinner and just spend it talking. things went well I must say. the next day she came over again and we just hanged at my place then we started cuddling ( and kissing but that's all) so everything was perfect. but late that night when she was at her place her ex called her and told her that he sorry for what he has done to her and saying that he was an idiot. he was the one who dumped her by the way. so now she is telling me that she is confused and don't know what to think and doesn't want to see me for a while. so she could clear her had although she admitted that being with me is much simpler and easier but she can't think now! so what should I do? I've never faced this problem.

thanks all


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  • You don't have much choice. Let her go. Tell her that, once she sorts through everything, if she doesn't get back with her X, she should give you a call. Then you can make the decision of whether to see her.

  • What you should do if find someone else to date.

    You can't date someone who has baggage.

    And what site did this happen on?


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