She kissed her ex boyfriend a few months ago.

My girlfriend of a year and 8 months told me last night that she kissed her ex boyfriend a few months ago. I love her very deeply so I just don't know what to do. should I end it to end future hurt?


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  • everyone makes mistakes. if you really think she won't do it again, then try to forgive her but never forget. make sure she knows it can never happen again. go with your gut. sometimes we gotta remember what we deserve and forget what we want.

    • You don't think it will happen again? we have been dating along time before she did this.

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    • See the thing is I don't trust her anymore because a couple weeks ago I seen his name in her call log and now I found out she kissed him a few months ago makes me think it was more then a mistake.

    • Then I think you know what you need to do. I know its hard but like I said before but can never say it enough "SOMETIMES WE HAVE TO FORGET WHAT WE WANT AND REMEMBER WHAT WE DESERVE"

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