What is with him? is he trying to get back with me?

me and my ex broke up like 2months ago and I decided to hang out with him..i went over to his house then it started

- I got there and he had a blanket wrapped around because he was cold and then when I sat next to him because we were watching a movie he put the blanket around me too but I took it off me because I am not about to fall for him again he put me through a lot

-then he decided to put his head on my lap and took a mini nap

-then I was getting kinda uncomfortable because what if he looked up at me so I put my wrist to cover his face in a playful way and he smelled it and said mmmmm you smell good you smell like strawberries..all I said was uhm thank u?

-then he tried tickling me and yeah he was about to bite me but I said again? and he was like I already bit you?when? I said remember last time? I was recalling to the night we got back together

-then he touched my hair in a way that seemed flirty and I was like he said I love your hair..and I said dude stop touching my hair because for the same reason that I don't want to fall for him again

-he also kept on touching behind my knee and I told him to stop and he stopped...he told me about this girl that likes him that's all he talks about either a girl he likes or a girl that likes him he texts me super late at night to tell me all these details

-he also hasn't dated since me and him and its mostly because the girls don't like him apparently


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  • - old lovers can never be friends again ... its either you fall for him again or he does and if you 2 love each other you won't be able 2 act normal ...

    - and he is talkin about other girls JUST to make you jealous and get you back .. apparently he is still in love with you ! :) I mean its really obvious ... and if you let him do what he does and you accept it you 2 will be back 2gether in no time

    • By the way he broke up with me in the 1st place

    • Well ya . broke up with you ,,,,, and maybe I'm not sure but from what your sayin he regrets it !

  • sounds like he's a player to me :( sorry if that hurts but I would tell him to get lost

    • What would you describe a player as?

    • Of course but I think of as a player and what you think a player is probably different.....i think that a player is a person (guy or girl) who leaves their important other for another but comes right back when they are unable to be with the another person and that person tries to get reconnected to their previous important other by using tricks

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