Would it be a good idea to tell him?

So I like this guy who lives a couple of hours away. He hasn't texted me since last week. But I'm not sure if he likes me back, but my friend suggested texting him and just telling him how I feel (I have very strong feelings for him). But I don't know how to tell him..And what if I don't get the right response that I'm looking for? I'm scared. Please answer and give me tips and advice or maybe what I should say! idk! Oh and by the way I might see him in October (If he's allowed) But for right now..the distance is killing me.


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  • I think you should tell him because this is making you miserable :( It might not be a bad thing to get this off your chest. The worst that can happen is that he won't feel the same, but that's not the end of the world even though it might seem like it. I wouldn't text him though. Instead, I would tell him in person when you see him next.

    • I think that's a really good idea...thankyou:)

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