How do I move on from my ex?

went out my ex for 7 years, we had 2 beautiful kids together and yes we did a lot of things to hurt each other that was unforgivable. We broke up 3 years ago but continued to sleep together and spend a lot of time together. we last slept together about 5 weeks ago. he tells me 2 weeks ago that he is wanting to see another woman and he really likes her and what we have is now over, he has liked her for 2 months and this other woman had proclaimed to have have loved him for 3 years. I feel like I have been used and I found out the other day he is telling this woman that he wants to give her the world and he loves her so much and etc, I feel like such an idiot and I am so hurt and angry because of this. This woman has told me when she meets my kids she will treat them like her own but you will always be mum blah blah blah, this has hurt me. she has also split up with her boyfriend within the last week and he hasn't moved out yet, My ex wanted to be upfront and says he wants to still be good friends and not hirt me etc, but continues to talk about her and she gives him the run around but still says he loves him and she wants him. I do care and love my ex but don't want to see him hurt. I don't think I want him back but am hurt as it feel like 7 years has been thrown in my face. He dropped in a fact that he was thinking about us moving back in together and then something else happened(a previous issue) but continued to sleep with me and foolishly I gave in, all this happened around 2 months ago. have I been had seriously, where do I go from here?


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  • Well, you start by kicking him out.

    And cutting off contact, and fighting your case in court so he doesn't have contact with the kids.

    Any man that would do all this to his children's mother is a lowlife, and not worthy of parental anything.

    It's one thing to not be compatible, but it's a whole other thing to be ruthless, sneaky and underhanded.


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  • You enjoyed what you got, now it might be over if he is serious about her, you never know it might not work out so he could come back to you. He is still going to be a part of your life ...


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  • This sounds like a lot of drama you don't need in your life. Put him behind you and move on. You deserve better. You deserve to be happy single and you also deserve a man who is really there for you and not just using you.

  • You really can't control what that dirtbag does... but you can control how you respond to it.

    I know it's hard, TRUST... I know it's hard but you have to channel what you're feeling right now into positive movement forward.

    He's nasty... And now he's her problem. Focus on your kids and try to use this momentum and move forward. If he wants to come back to you (which it's likely he will try), remember all that he's put you through and ask yourself if you deserve better.

    Forget this guy, not because he's going to keep on doing this to you... Forget this guy because you should want more and deserve more than what he is willing to give you.


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