Flirting tips? Answers needed tonight!!!

So I like this very decent sort of guy (Christian, doesn't drink) who I've known about 7 months now. When we met I was attached, but shortly after my ex-dude turned into a schmuck and we broke up. Been seeing a lot of this other guy lately- talking a lot, saying "really nice to see you," when we bump into each other, etc., etc. Looks like we'll both be at the same party tomorrow. Tips on a) flirting in a clear but unscary and friendly way, and b) gauging his interest?


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  • Flirt, eye contact, smile, touch, arm if it looks good escalate etc...


What Girls Said 1

  • Smile at him, say hi, talk to him. Guys perceive things like lots of eye contact and smiling as flirting. Also just hanging around him and talking to him a lot. If you can manage it, try to touch him naturally like lightly on the arm or shoulder.

    Just act really happy to be around him and interested in him.


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