He wants to go back to being FWB?

Met this guy from work. Didn't have anything going on until 6 months later, thought he was interested because he talked about his dreams, family, childhood, and stuff with me, but ended up that we just turned into FWB I guess. He told me he never had sex for more than once with the same woman, but we had sex for a few times. We were just seeing each other for less than a month, then he was having a hard time financially and he just stopped contacting me. I didn't want to continue that neither because since the beginning I was looking for a "relationship" but I didn't see that it'd be happening.

A month later, he contacted me again and asked if I wanted to hang out. I thought it's just friends kind of hang out but I guess either I've sent the wrong signal or he's misunderstood something and he started getting all touchy and trying to get me to touch his down there. I told him no and asked him to stop. He got mad saying how he didn't like I always say no and that I should just say yes and have fun. I asserted that I didn't want to do it and he was kinda mad. I was mad too feeling that he's not respecting me, so I left and blocked him online ever since then and we didn't have any contact. It's been a month and I recently unblocked him and he talked with me right on that day when he saw me online updating me with his life - how things are better in his life now - moved to a new place, new job, and school etc. The next day he tried to chat with me again and then out of nowhere he asked me to go over to his place. I told him I was at work, and he said I could go over at any time.

He probably just want to pick up where we left off right? Nothing serious but just sex? So there's no way for FWB to turn back to just friends?


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  • Nope, its really hard, the tension is always their and its easy to fall back in a moment of weakness or when you need it..


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