Arg! Sorry this is more of a rant than anything.

In July, my little sister cheated on her boyfriend, Braden*, with my best friend, Mich*, who was also in a relationship. Last night he told his girlfriend what happened and then messaged me telling me that to make things right, he had to tell Braden* I went off the f*cking wall because my sister wasn't home to talk to Mich* herself. I told him it wasn't his place to tell Braden* what had happened and it was my sisters. Then he informed me that he had only in fact told his girlfriend half of the truth and asked me not to tell her the rest! Sorry but when he's telling me that he is going to go destroy my sisters relationship but not going to tell his girlfriend the whole truth...well I blew up all over again. He wouldn't give in and tell me he wouldn't tell Braden till I threatened to tell his girlfriend the whole story. The thing that p*sses me off the most about this whole situation is that he saw no problem in telling Braden* everything that happened but wasn't going to tell his girl the whole story. And where did he get it in his head that it was his place to tell Braden* at all!?


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  • I agree with the other answerer, what a douche bag. It will serve him right if someone does tell his girl the whole story.


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  • what a douche. he sounds like he just doesn't have the balls to take responsibility and take consequences for his actions. furthermore, he's trying to pass if off onto you to do the dirty work. creep.

    • Well not only that, but he also tried to blame me for him cheating on his girlfriend!? Not my fault!

    • Not cool, not cool.

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