Gonna try and keep it short, he has a girlfriend, we've talked, though

ill put it into to simple terms, less detail

- I've known him for 6 months, he's a girlfriend over that amount of time, and I've liked him that whole time

- we started talking, he cheated on her with me, and would never give me an explanation of his intentions or how he's cheating, he always avoided it at all costs.

- haven't talked to him in person like that in over 2 months, but he still tries to talk to me

- well, when I turned him down basically saying I don't want him anymore and I'm not his toy anymore he says you never were...i liked you, I was dumbfounded. I said don't even play like don't even lie he said many diff times he was not lying and I said well how is that past tense he said he still does but idc to talk to him I said wonder why and then he apologized to me. i was left like wtf! and then I tell him I do want him but cheating is something I never wanted to be a part of...he says I still like you but i don't want to hurt her and that's why i stayed w her and I'm happy w her and I was yet dumbfounded again.

if he's so called 'happy' he doesn't need me ya know

- he has never had to lie to get his way and never said this before so why now? its possible he meant it but just doesn't wanna leave her. it makes it really confusing and harder to leave him alone.! it was not the response I expected and I had felt good like I finally have the cards in my hand and he goes and says that...ugh!

im asking for opinions for what I should do for the fact I care about him in this kinda situation. and I don't like the situation, not for your opinion on me and whether or not what I did was right or wrong...

has no one ever heard stay from sugarland? no one ever looks at the point of view from the other woman. like I'm not even hurting..just not true. if I was thoughtless I wouldn't be asking for advice. I would be with him right now & not turning him down..
i didn't open my legs once. cheating can mean many things. but all in all. I guess I deserved that.


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  • stop trying to use song quotes to justify your situation! you come off like a complete hoe with no respect for yourself! this guy DOES NOT LIKE YOU. how stupid do you have to be? sorry to be so harsh but maybe some tough love will get through your head. I don't believe in coddling people who know they are doing wrong. if your feelings were hurt by that oh well, only person I feel sorry for is that guys girlfriend who has no idea her man is two timing her.

    anyways THIS GUY IS PLAYING YOU. men will say anything to get sex. if this guy cared about you at all then he would not be doing this to his girlfriend with u. face it sweetie your a jumpoff. guys can say anything in the world and all the sweet talk and fake emotions, but guess what he is dating a girl and cheating with you on the side. those are the facts. I'm sorry that you got yourself attached to a guy like this but its your own fault. the longer you stay in this situation the worse it will get. he ain't leaving his girl for u. why should he? he's got his main girl he can take out in public and stuff and then he has u.

    also just a hint, many guys know if they get a girl's feelings attached and make her think he cares about her and that she has a chance at a real relationship that it will be easier to manipulate you. get some self respect and raise your standards. this guy is a PLAYER. he has 2 girls at once (probably even more). the only reason he told you he liked you was because you turned him down and he had to tell you something to get you to stay. he's telling you all these mind games and stuff so he can keep you right where your at. giving him sex and affection. congratulations you have a winner lmao

    and stop acting like a victim. if you kept your legs closed to men who are in relationships with other women you wouldn't be hurting. take some responsibility for your own actions please? you act like someone put a gun to your head and forced you to be the other woman. your low and pathetic.

    • THANKYOU!! This chick is so stupid that I didn't even want to waste my time in responding to her.. someone had to do it...

  • forget about him he doesn't want you even though he deserves you and his girlfriend doesn't deserve his cruel treatment. your a terribly thoughtless bitch


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